Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Body to Flaunt

When you look everywhere, you'll find that both men and women are getting conscious about the way they look. Surgical procedures are probably one of those that triggers their thinking. But only few are said to be expert on this field. So more often than not, men and women are keen about going only to their trusted surgeons.

It's a good thing to know for those who are located in Beverly Hills, they can surely pamper themselves by getting into the Beverly Hills breast augmentation . It's not just all about pampering women, but also men alike. Yes, it's all because of the plastic surgery for men that you might wanna enjoy too.

No worry though because there's a reliable plastic surgeon california whose expertise is very much appreciated by a lot of men and women who renewed themselves into someone new again. They can now flaunt their great body the way they want it.

Alright some of you may be hesitant on this. But I tell you everyone does. You should be very much keen on things that may take your life at risk. However, when everyone is bragging about their great body, and you envy them for having the body they want while yours still the same big belly man who exist on earth, you would rather hit the place and care not about what other negative vibes people would often tell you. It's time for a change. After all, plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills spent most of their lives studying on this field just to serve us all and transform us into a new fresh and grooving being to ramp on the aisle.

It's not just about women who can flaunt their great shapes, but even men like us can flaunt our body with no existing fats on our belly. Let's go and be excited for this most-awaited transformation!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eyecare for Your Fashionable Kids

Have you checked everything your kids need? Perhaps, you have bought them everything they need for school but you must have forgotten their eyeglasses. They might need a new pair of eyeglasses. If you haven't gotten one yet, I would suggest that you watch the Zenni Optical on TV!!! and you will find a wide array of fashionable and $ 8 Rx eyeglasses . They will surely scream upon wearing their new fashionable eyeglasses and give you a High Five to Zenni Optical.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Grow Your Business

When you plan to apply for business credit or what we used to call as business loans, you may rely on for they allow you to borrow substantial funds for your business. And repayment is quite long, which takes for a period of 5-25 years. They will also suggest you a certain amount based on your financial requirements so you can easily pay the loanable amount.

Both business loans and personal loans can help various financial obligation demands either from your own business or family. And through the loanable amount owe to you, you are therefore able to start for a new investment or added investment to your business. You may consolidate your debts, construct a new establishment or office, buy new machines, and invest on new business for future expansion.
All these are possible to happen when you are funded with sufficient amount you need. Plus, it is a secured loan so you are given the chance to raise an amount that you will have to use for a long period of time, and at terms that are flexible both for the loan firm and the loanee.
You also don't need to stay away from your seat just to apply for loans in the banks. All you have to do is your computer with fast internet connection and you are on your way to apply for a loan and receive a feedback in just an hour if your loan is approved or not. But most likely, you will get approved. For more information, you may visit the site to see more details on loan application.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Saving from Cheap Eyeglasses

I was everywhere looking for a pair of eyeglasses. I am actually looking for a cheaper pair. I prefer to find a Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! instead of going with the expensive one. For some, choosing a cheap eyeglasses is sacrificing quality for quantity. In my case, I still consider quality equivalent to price.

A lot of optical stores are everywhere, but only a few sell cheap eyeglasses. And so I resorted to search from online stores. Just yesterday while I was browsing the net, I stumbled upon a news headline that goes like this, Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! and I was so happy to know that New York Times recommend Zenni Optical as an online store that offers high-quality eyeglasses for a cheaper price.

So I find one that will look good on me, and here's my pick. I am now sure of Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank with this pair of eyeglasses.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Marketing Your Business

In the movie "Mean Girls" starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams the main character Cady talks about something called "word vomit" that's when you start saying things that you really don't need to be saying but you can't help it.

So what on earth does that have to do with your home based business? Well I believe that when almost all new home based business owners are talking to people about their business they have a severe case of "word vomit".

It's really not your fault, you actually think you're doing the right thing. After all if someone wants to know about your business you should give them as much information as possible right? Wrong.

When talking to someone about your opportunity less is always, always, always more. This is not to say that you should keep important information a secret or act like you're ashamed of your business. Does a prospect need to know the type of business you're in? Yes. Do they need to know what they'll be doing if they become involved? Yes. Do they need to know how much money they make on their 3rd level? NO!

I know that it's super easy to get excited about your new business but don't say too much and risk overwhelming a prospect.

Try to answer only the questions that are asked of you in an honest and professional way without giving people too many details that they don't need.

This is especially true when it comes to marketing online. I can't tell you how many times I see people advertising their home based business and giving way too many details. Think about the way big fortune 500 companies advertise. They talk about their product, service, store whatever and then stop. They don't tell you the starting salary for their employees, the directions to get to their nearest location and the name of the college their CEO when to school. It's just too much information!

Are you starting to see what I'm saying? Less really is more when it comes to your home based business! So the next time you're talking to someone about your business remember to:

- Answer the questions they ask you honestly and then stop

- Don't get bogged down in the little details

- Don't assume prospects want to know something wait for them to ask

Follow these tips and avoid the "word vomit" that can kill your business.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Four More Ways to Market Your Business in 2009

Your success as a business owner or executive will be largely determined by how many high quality clients you can attract and retain. My last article covered four ways to reach qualified prospects. In this article I will cover four more ways to market your business to potential clients. The key to all of these marketing strategies is to provide good information to a targeted group of people.

Write Newsletters

Effective newsletters are a good way to stay in touch with your clients. Whether they are e-newsletters or hard-copy, monthly or quarterly, newsletters help you establish a brand, develop expertise, and stay in touch.

Press Releases

Let the local press know about some of your clients' success stories. For a quick primer on press releases, visit Visit for a nice sample template.

Website & Online Video

Whatever marketing activities you choose to do, put this on the top of your list. A good website will outline your core services, who you are and who you help, and attract visitors from your target market. There are countless examples to see. Simply Google "Service Business (Your State)" and hundreds of websites will come up. It doesn't have to be an incredibly high-tech site to make a difference, but it does need to be optimized for search engines and you should make a habit of using your other marketing efforts to drive traffic to your site. When creating your website, consider adding video content. Some business owners make entirely new presentations using PowerPoint while others simply use video from a recent seminar. In my opinion putting an informative video on your site (either about your business, about a current trend, or both) is the best way for people to get an idea of what type of business owner you are.

Write Books

Writing a book or two is another way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Several service business owners have taken their books and created presentations from them. This is a nice situation because they get revenue from book sales and clients become interested in their businesses. It is easier now than ever before to get a book published. If you don't have the time to hire an agent and/or market your book to the publishing houses, you can self-publish or even write an e-book.

We've now covered several marketing activities that can draw prospects to your business. While they are also great ways to stay in front of your current clients, there are additional marketing strategies that can help solidify your relationship with people who already do business with you. My next articles will focus on marketing ideas for client retention.

Visit for your FREE copy of the GR Newsletter.

Bill Tamminga is the founder of Goal Revolution LLC.

Bill is the creator of the GR Business Growth System and the author of Advanced Business Triage, a set of white papers that explain Bill's systematic business assessment and growth plan for service business owners and managers, high end sales professionals, and independent financial planners. He also wrote The Ultimate Success Tool.

GR corporate training offers reasonably priced leadership, management, sales, and marketing courses. The course texts come from leading institutions including Harvard Business School, the University of Southern California, the Gallup Organization, and others.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Using Billboards As a Part of Your Business Marketing Plan

Outdoor advertising is a low budget and effective way of advertising your company's product. Among all available marketing and advertising channels, billboard advertising is the most widely accepted method, and has been proven to be the best sales strategy in the recent times. Nearly 5.6 billion dollars was spent on billboard advertising alone in the year 2007, as analyzed by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Billboard exposure is the best bet in outdoor advertising and isn't that costly when compared to other mediums. And with the amount of eyes the product gets, the money is worth it. In the past few years several factors have triggered billboard signs and cost effectiveness being one of the prime reasons. One of the reasons is if an ad is placed in the local newspaper or a television channel, the advertisement gets noticed for only thirty seconds and when the same advertisement is placed on billboard, it gets noticed through out the day, for months.

Thousands of people view billboards everyday on their way to jobs or home. It also doesn't get lost in the pages like an ad placed in a newspaper or magazine. There is a frequent and continuous delivery of message. No other marketing method can grab the attention of people like billboards can. It creates brand awareness and strong name recognition.

One of the reasons behind the cost being low is technology. In the early years, billboards were hand-painted due to which the labor cost was high. Now, advertisers design and print their sales or ad copy on a huge poster board or vinyl board by a computer-aided printer, which is very cost effective.

Creativity can be achieved to the highest extent, with ease and less money. The brighter, colorful, creative the artwork is, the more eye-catching it becomes. With the advancements in technology, it takes very little time to design outdoor campaigns with unlimited possibilities.

Before placing a billboard ad in a particular area, it's better that research is done about the interest of the people in and around that area. Like if the advertiser desires to post on a highway, he can choose the advertisement on a motel, cafeteria, or gas station.

The cost for an outdoor marketing campaign is very reasonable. It varies from $1,000 to $3,000 per month depending on several factors, of course. Ten advertisements will cost around $ 30,000. It might look like a big amount, but it costs almost the same if placing a full-page ad in a newspaper for only a day. And if the effectiveness is considered for both the methods, newspaper marketing is not even half as effective as billboard advertising.

Billboard advertising has high-impact on people and is a cost-effective method of reaching target customers. The above-mentioned ideas are but a few of the many advantages of billboard advertising.

From placing the you ads at a theater multiplex, highway, airport, and even pasting them on cars, any kind of product can be advertised to any kind of audience using billboard marketing.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Small business owners can have a hard time finding the right ways to market their product or service. There are plenty of right ways to do things, and plenty of wrong ways. Here is a brief overview of some of the mistakes to avoid when marketing your small business:

Mistake #1: Not researching your product need
Many people have a wonderful idea of a product that is needed in the market, and then spend all their money to create it. You need to research the market first to make sure there isn't already a similar product out there, and whether there is even a need for your product.

Conduct market research, hold focus groups and only make a small run of your product - a few hundred or so - to test your target market with. This can save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

Mistake #2: Thinking that the product will market itself
Many small business owners think their product is so great that they don't need to do any marketing at all - people will flock to you. That's just not true, and I can't think of one example of where it was true. Everyone thinks it's because the "right product" just hasn't been invented yet, but unfortunately, that's not the case. It just won't work that way. How can people flock to something they've never heard of?

You must consistently market your product, which means you need to create a marketing plan. You must define your target market, your unique selling point that distinguishes you from your competition; you must develop a marketing action plan and decide on a marketing budget. These are just the bare-bones basics of a marketing plan. You need some kind of plan to be successful. If you don't know how to create a marketing plan, just Google "marketing plan" or "marketing agency" - many agencies are hired to just create marketing plans.

Mistake #3: Preparing and then not taking action
Many business owners have a fear of failing. Actually, who doesn't have this fear? But instead of trying to prevent it, you need to follow your marketing plan (see Mistake #2) and forge ahead. It's hard at first, no one will tell you it's not, but you have to sell one product in order to sell a million. If you fail, evaluate what went wrong, try to fix it and try again. Repeat as needed!

Mistake #4: Constantly changing your marketing campaign
It happens a lot - the business owner and employees see their marketing materials every day and get tired of them. The same old poster printing images, the same old brochure copy...who wants to see that after six months of it being around? Your potential customers do, that's who.
Just because you've seen your logo a million times, doesn't mean everyone has. If your marketing campaign is working just fine, don't change it for the sake of change. A million people haven't seen your logo at all. Don't change your marketing campaign until it stops bringing in customers.

Mistake #5: Don't play monkey-see, monkey-do with your competitors
You should know what your competitors are doing, but you shouldn't copy it just because it works for them.

If a competitor is known as a "low price leader," don't try to beat him out of that title - choose another like "high quality leader." Find an important quality that your competitors aren't giving to your shared target.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ecommerce Business Basics

Starting an ecommerce business where you sell items online as a revenue source is becoming more popular every day for both existing retail stores and new entrepreneurs looking to add another revenue stream. Before diving in head first into an online business venture it is important to understand all the basic building blocks that make a successful online store.

Legal Concerns

First you need to make sure you form the business with proper legal procedures just like you would for any other business. This includes filing a fictitious business name, obtaining a resale license, paying taxes and proper bookkeeping. You must also follow all the legal guidelines for equal opportunity employment if you plan to hire anyone to help out.

Product Offering

Existing businesses already have stock for the products they sale which gives a bit of a head start since finding a supplier is not needed to start. New businesses will either need to make their own product which will incur manufacturing costs or may opt to purchase products from an authorized distributor. In order to be competitive you need to get your products directly from the source or as close as possible. A quick way to identify "middle man" distributors is if they charge any type of membership fee. This is a red flag that you are likely dealing with a third party instead of the company you should be partnering with or getting your own account. Note it is common to have minimum order requirements usually based on a dollar amount. Another common requirement is that your account makes a minimum dollar amount of purchases in a given fiscal year.

Payment Processing

One of the most common items that falls to the bottom of the list is how your ecommerce business is going to collect money from customers. There are options such as PayPal and Google Checkout which do not require a credit check or you can opt to go for a normal merchant account that has an online payment gateway. You can obtain this either through your bank, a specialized merchant payment company or via your shopping cart provider sometimes. Other options include using a fulfillment service or affiliate based website that handles all the payment processing for you; the downside to this option is you have less control over the actual purchase process.

Customer Service

Last but certainly not least is determining how you will offer customer service. The cheapest option is usually email but also builds the least amount of customer confidence. You may also want to offer live chat customer service during normal business hours; this eliminates the "business in a garage" ideology some get when purchasing online from an unknown site. Although you may be operating out of your home you do not want to give this impression to your customers. Even though we live in a digital world of email and chat customers still want to be able to pick up a phone to call for support if necessary; especially when giving up their credit card number to a new business (new to the customer). You can boost the revenue for your ecommerce business by offering all three options to your customers. This lets the customer talk to you on their terms which is whatever is the most convenient for them.

There are many other factors that go into starting an ecommerce business such as website design, shopping cart selection, customer management and order management to name a few. The four aspects outlined above will give you a great start and get you thinking in the right direction to be successful on the web.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Business Thank You Letters - Your Secret Marketing Weapon

A stamp and fifty words can make you thousands of dollars. No matter how big your or small your marketing budget it, you cannot miss out on the most powerful and inexpensive relationship building tool - a simple business thank you letter.

Sending business thank you notes is an efficient, inexpensive way to:

- Retain customers
- Improve vendor relations
- Increase worker efficiency
- Bring in new business
- Increase frequency of purchases

1) Helps insure one-time customers into lifetime customers AND shortens the amount of time in between purchases. If you provide a service or sell products such as makeup or other renewable items thanking your customer after the first sale can insure you keep the customer for a lifetime.

2) Business thank you cards or letter can increase your customer referrals. A business thank you letter is great non-intrusive way to increase your sales and referrals. Always send a thank you note to a customer or business associate who refers a customer to you (and if it is a big customer, a thank you gift wouldn't hurt). Every bit of business referred costs you nothing in advertising or sales commissions.

Often times a referral thank you, particularly from a business colleague, is best sent with a gift. The most elaborate thank you gift being for the first referral. Think of the commission you would have paid to a sales rep for the sale or the cost of advertising to gain this new customer. Plus, word gets around fast when referral gifts are sent. You will find other people send you even more referrals.

3) Enhance sales during off-season and slow months. Saying thank you with a coupon to loyal customers during your slow season is a great way to boost sales and customer appreciation. It's a win win.

You can include a current coupon with a note or for a more personal touch, you can send a greeting card just write that the card IS the coupon.

4) Increase effectiveness of your convention campaigns.

5) Gets the edge over the competition and keeps your name in front of decision records.

Just a quick thank you card can make all the difference in the world. Include it with the follow up information you promised to send or on its own.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Common Mistakes in Business Card Printing

In addition to being concrete representatives of your business, your business card, done by business card printing experts, is the one thing that creates that first impression.

More than your name and contact information, your business cards convey a very strong message of who you are and what kind of business you are in. It takes a lot to create that perfect card for your business. Even if you do online business card printing, you have to make sure that the end result embodies everything that you stand for.

The most basic guideline when starting your business card printing job is to create your design according to the identity you would want for your business. This is where your particular brand comes in. More than your company's name and contact information, your cards should be able to reflect your company's image. This then is the most common mistake made when business card printing. You should avoid creating a design that does not speak of your brand and corporate identity.

Other mistakes include the following:

Use of low quality paper - It may save you money but low quality paper definitely gets you a very unprofessional image. It looks cheap and it rubs your clients in a different and uncomfortable way. Low quality paper gives you that rough-feel texture, and you would not want that to rub off your image, right? Not only that. Low quality stock also softens and eventually melts with water. You would not want your clients to always feel fear every time your business card gets near anything liquid.

Use of design and logo that do not match - It is a no brainer. Your design and logo, and any element you have in your business cards should match. Any business card printing company worth their salt knows that. If you want to be professional, you should look it, especially in your business cards.

Most businesses commit this mistake because many use a common template, particularly made by most online business card printing providers, which match a generic design. If you want to be consistent in both your design and logo, might as well develop something that would reflect your unique qualities.

Use of too many colors - Remember that you are writing on a very small piece of paper. Too many elements would only make your business card seem too crowded. Too much color can also be offensive because it may look like you are screaming at your clients at the top of your lungs. Just remember that too much too many is bad for you. Two color shades is enough to match that of your logo.

The logo is bigger than everything else - The logo is important but not too much that you forget the main purpose of your business card- information about you and your company. All the elements should blend well to create a perfect harmony. That way, your readers would find it easy to contact you for that very important sale.

So remind the next time you hire a service provider or even an online business card printing firm, of these common mistakes. One too many errors could definitely spoil your business cards.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Start Making Money Online

Dealing with a number of foreign clients makes me wonder why they are doing all these. I mean the internet marketing that they are not getting tired of from the very start of the business and until now. It must be a Home Business that is very much profitable so I carefully studied their tactics while I do my work with them.

Affiliate is also another strategy that they get involved in. But since the internet is now crowded with various affiliate programs, it would be easy if internet marketers would just settle in one website where numerous affiliates are already included in the package. So it won’t only be easy work, but also easy and quick to Make Money Online.

How about you? It seems that you also get interested. In that case, wasting your time here is certainly a big NO. So what are you waiting for? Take time to visit the Plug-In Profit Site and get your own from

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Online Business Assistance

It’s been five months since I resigned from my previous job as a web copywriter in a BPO company. And it’s already five months too that I have been dealing with online projects, and I must say that all these times I am able to learn my clients’ business strategies. Although I know now how to apply their business tactics, it’s not yet enough to start my own business online.

First and foremost, I will need to set up my own website. Secondly, I have to decide what business to cater online. Thirdly, my skills are not yet sufficient to foresee my success online. So I guess I need to seek help from online professionals, particularly about dealing with crm or what is commonly known as lead management.

And since I’m planning to put up an online business, I also have to gain skills on customer relationship management for a long lasting relationship with my online customers and clients as well.

It’s just so timely that came in to offer me their best deal on online business management. As soon as I decided to start my online business, I won’t think twice to seek assistance from this reliable website.

I might also suggest their service to my clients who are still continuously seeking best results in their online business setting. Surely, they would appreciate my suggestion as is no doubt to be excellent in lead management service.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 Random Things About Me

Here's the rule for this tag:

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment ("You're it") and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.

Now, here's my list:

1. I am a work-at-home mom now, doing three roles everyday: freelancer, nanny, housekeeper

2. I always love to be busy, especially if it gives me more "moolah", lolz!

3. I have a sweet it, and I'll surely bite them all! yummy!

4. My heart is for the unfortunate ones so I feel like helping whenever I have much for myself.

5. I am a detail-oriented person, so expect me to have my documents and stuffs organized, even important conversation saved in a file. (ebidenxa!)

6. I am friendly, but B-E-W-A-R-E! When I get hurt, I won't let it pass until I get even (An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth) Sorry...

7. I am a dreamer...I want to be a CPA, Interior Designer, Web Designer, Lawyer and NBI agent, but my ultimate dream is to become R-I-C-H!!!

8. I got pregnant at the age of 20 to a cute and smart 'lil boy. I love you my prince!

9. I am uber meticulous when it comes to the tiniest detail at home. I want everything to be organized, arranged in a way that satisfies my eyes, even curtains should flow into place, etc.

10. I may be merciful, but not to arrogant peeps! As long as I am RIGHT, I won't allow you to step on me, ever!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fashion with Stylish Frames

Forget about your eye strain. It’s time for you to get a new eyeglasses that won’t just help you protect your eyes, but will also make you look good. Why? You will know when you check out the Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni. You can choose from a wide variety of Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. If you want to have the best and stylish frames from Zenni Optical, go and read on the Zenni Optical was on FOX news!. I tell you, you would definitely be making the right choice like many others just did when they visit Zenni Optical.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Steps to Develop Business Policies

  1. Think ahead. Establish policies before you need them. Doing so helps avert crises and awkward situations, and helps solve problems before they arise.

  2. Determine what policies you need. Some you’ll want early in your business include a mission statement, as well as compensation, performance evaluation and employee policies.

  3. Get input from key employees, as well as from members of your advisory board, your board of directors, and/or your professional advisors and consultants.

  4. Communicate policies to everyone in your business.

  5. Review policies on a regular basis—once a year, for example—and revise them as necessary.

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Sound Business Plan: A Starting Tool

  1. Write a business plan with a complete financial and marketing plan.

  2. Your marketing strategy should be built around your strengths, your competitor's weaknesses and your customers' desires.

  3. Test the reality of your business—know why it will work and how you will make it work. Think your business through step by step.

  4. Allow at least two hours every week for thinking and planning. Do not allow anything to interfere with this time. You run the business. Don't let it run you.

  5. Establish an annual operating plan. Review it and update it monthly with appropriate employees.

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Start a Business in 5 Steps

  • Create a brand. Spend a little money to create a professional logo, business card and stationery. Present a professional image.

  • Ramp up Online. Make creating a Web site a top priority. A Web site is today’s calling card. You really shouldn’t do without one. Give people a place to go to learn about your business.

  • Make Your First Sale. This is key. Get that first sale even if it’s friends or family at a discounted rate. This counts as getting started, so go for it.

  • Promote Testimonials. Get testimonials from your first sales. Start building credibility for your business from day one.

  • Build Buzz. Be creative. Look for a special promotion, big event, email campaign or something out of the norm for your business to get people talking about you, your product or service.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008


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Brand Loyalty

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